Saturday, October 5, 2013

P. Terry's Breakfast Review - Egg Burger

P. Terry's is a homegrown chain of burger stands that has been a favorite among locals for years. Recently, they have expanded to seven locations, spreading their delicious burgers across Austin. P. Terry's uses only the freshest and best ingredients and it shows in how great the food tastes.

The original location is a true burger stand: you order and pick up your food through a drive-through or walk-up window, there is no indoor seating or service counter. And yet, the menu offers a surprising variety of burger options. In addition to their standard beef patties, they also serve chicken burgers, the tastiest veggie burgers in Austin, and the focus of this post: the egg burger.

Though it's not a breakfast taco, P. Terry's egg burger is one of the best cheap breakfasts in town. The egg burger consists of scrambled eggs and cheese on a toasted bun with the option to add sausage, ham or bacon for $.75. I recommend adding sausage and substituting a wheat bun in place of the regular bun. With the add-on and charge for bun substitution, the egg burger still only costs $2.60.
The egg burger is the same size as a P. Terry's hamburger, making it a filling and satisfying breakfast. Since they focus on quality ingredients, the egg burger seems to be a fairly healthy breakfast choice, especially when on a wheat bun. The sausage never gets too greasy, and the eggs are cooked just right instead of being runny or overdone.

Though P. Terry's stays open as late as 3 am on the weekends at some locations, they stop serving breakfast at 11. However, they do have a drive-through, so you don't have to go in to get your breakfast which means you can roll out of bed and get an egg burger in your pajamas if you want.

Pros: price, drive-through convenience, opens early and closes late, quick breakfast pick-up
Cons: not a breakfast taco

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Austin Java - Breakfast Tacos Review

Austin Java Breakfast Tacos
Austin Java has one of the best breakfast menus of any place around town. Adding to the greatness of this menu is their lengthy Breakfast Taco section. Yes, that's right, their menu has its own dedicated section only for breakfast tacos. They have no shortage of toppings and options to create your wildest breakfast taco fantasies. You can get as creative as you want and they have plenty of vegetarian and carnivorous varieties to please any hungry patron.

On this particular day, I chose a bacon, egg, and cheese  taco as well as a veggie chorizo, egg, avocado, and cheese. Why veggie chorizo and bacon you might ask? The veggie chorizo is just that good. Meat-eaters can enjoy this hearty substitute just as much as the real thing, which is also an option on their extensive topping list. The bacon, egg, and cheese was delicious as well.

The prices are great for the size of the tacos. They are quite large; I would have a hard time eating more than two. They offer flour, corn, and whole wheat tortillas and come with AJ's homemade salsa. There are dozens of toppings to fulfill anyone's breakfast needs, including at least six different kinds of cheeses. All-in-all, Austin Java serves up some quite tasty breakfast tacos. Oh, and don't forget to grab one of their delicious coffees on the way out to make sure you don't go into a breakfast taco coma.

Pros: cheap, wide variety, healthy options, and great coffee as well, all breakfast available 24 hrs.
Cons: choosing your toppings from so many tasty options

Austin Java Breakfast Tacos

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rudy's Breakfast Tacos

Rudy's Breakfast TacosRudy's BBQ has by far become one of my favorite places to grab a quick and delicious bite. For BBQ on the go it's hard to find a better option in the entire Austin area, and thats some pretty bug shoes to fill. It took a couple years of grabbing lunches and dinners at Rudy's before I realized they also served breakfast tacos.

Now I find myself almost every weekend craving some of their grab & go breakfast tacos. The tacos are prepared and wrapped in foil and ready for the taking. They offer several varieties including bacon and egg tacos, potato and egg, and sausage and egg tacos. The sausage and egg tacos are my personal favorite since they use their link sausage and not just the typical breakfast sausage. BBQ + Breakfast Tacos = Awesomeness!

Rudy's Austin Breakfast Tacos
Rudy's Breakfast Tacos Austin, Tx.

They also offer some other breakfast items to go like Kolaches and chopped beef tacos. You will not be disappointed by Rudy's breakfast tacos or any of their breakfast items for that matter.

Pros: Great Breakfast Tacos, Reasonable Prices, Breakfast Tacos Fast
Cons: Limited Variety, but they will make you custom breakfast tacos however you want in their regular order line. So it's really a win-win situation going to Rudy's

Date published: 07/18/2012
5 / 5 stars

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I'm here.

Growing up in Texas, its easy to take great food for granted. BBQ and Tex-Mex are probably the main food genres that define true Texan cuisine. As a lover of both, its easy for me to claim pride in our state's main staple cuisines.

Of all the native foods I love best in Texas, the winner by far would have to be the breakfast taco. Such a simple design, but such intricate details. While breakfast tacos seem simple enough, I've learned there is quite a craft to them. There is an unexplainable force that seem to make some quite superior to the others.

As a long time Austin native, I've come across my share of good, mediocre, and simply amazing breakfast tacos. Austin has a multitude of great options and has the best of any I've tasted around this state or any other (not that many other states offer many breakfast taco varieties). With this blog I hope to share my explorations in Austin and beyond of the great invention known simply as: THE BREAKFAST TACO.