Thursday, June 13, 2013

Austin Java - Breakfast Tacos Review

Austin Java Breakfast Tacos
Austin Java has one of the best breakfast menus of any place around town. Adding to the greatness of this menu is their lengthy Breakfast Taco section. Yes, that's right, their menu has its own dedicated section only for breakfast tacos. They have no shortage of toppings and options to create your wildest breakfast taco fantasies. You can get as creative as you want and they have plenty of vegetarian and carnivorous varieties to please any hungry patron.

On this particular day, I chose a bacon, egg, and cheese  taco as well as a veggie chorizo, egg, avocado, and cheese. Why veggie chorizo and bacon you might ask? The veggie chorizo is just that good. Meat-eaters can enjoy this hearty substitute just as much as the real thing, which is also an option on their extensive topping list. The bacon, egg, and cheese was delicious as well.

The prices are great for the size of the tacos. They are quite large; I would have a hard time eating more than two. They offer flour, corn, and whole wheat tortillas and come with AJ's homemade salsa. There are dozens of toppings to fulfill anyone's breakfast needs, including at least six different kinds of cheeses. All-in-all, Austin Java serves up some quite tasty breakfast tacos. Oh, and don't forget to grab one of their delicious coffees on the way out to make sure you don't go into a breakfast taco coma.

Pros: cheap, wide variety, healthy options, and great coffee as well, all breakfast available 24 hrs.
Cons: choosing your toppings from so many tasty options

Austin Java Breakfast Tacos

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