Saturday, October 5, 2013

P. Terry's Breakfast Review - Egg Burger

P. Terry's is a homegrown chain of burger stands that has been a favorite among locals for years. Recently, they have expanded to seven locations, spreading their delicious burgers across Austin. P. Terry's uses only the freshest and best ingredients and it shows in how great the food tastes.

The original location is a true burger stand: you order and pick up your food through a drive-through or walk-up window, there is no indoor seating or service counter. And yet, the menu offers a surprising variety of burger options. In addition to their standard beef patties, they also serve chicken burgers, the tastiest veggie burgers in Austin, and the focus of this post: the egg burger.

Though it's not a breakfast taco, P. Terry's egg burger is one of the best cheap breakfasts in town. The egg burger consists of scrambled eggs and cheese on a toasted bun with the option to add sausage, ham or bacon for $.75. I recommend adding sausage and substituting a wheat bun in place of the regular bun. With the add-on and charge for bun substitution, the egg burger still only costs $2.60.
The egg burger is the same size as a P. Terry's hamburger, making it a filling and satisfying breakfast. Since they focus on quality ingredients, the egg burger seems to be a fairly healthy breakfast choice, especially when on a wheat bun. The sausage never gets too greasy, and the eggs are cooked just right instead of being runny or overdone.

Though P. Terry's stays open as late as 3 am on the weekends at some locations, they stop serving breakfast at 11. However, they do have a drive-through, so you don't have to go in to get your breakfast which means you can roll out of bed and get an egg burger in your pajamas if you want.

Pros: price, drive-through convenience, opens early and closes late, quick breakfast pick-up
Cons: not a breakfast taco

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